Spring has arrived, and if you’re looking for a great way to revitalise your garden after a dreary winter then a water feature might be just the thing for you. There are lots of options when it comes to creating your own water features, from creating an extravagant cascade in an existing pond, to opting for a free-standing feature. If you’re looking for an excuse to get started, here are three great reasons why so many people are interested in water features at the moment.

Create your perfect calming environment

In East Asian culture there is a longstanding tradition that water should be included in gardens, for reasons that range from symbolic representations of life, to good luck charms, depending on how the feature is arranged. One of the predominant ideas that has made the migration into Western gardens is the notion of water having a calming effect – making it easier to reach a relaxed, meditative state. The sound of running water is a wonderful way of creating atmosphere in a garden, and making it a space where you really want to unwind. If you happen to be interested in a little Buddhist geomancy, it’s meant to be especially lucky to have your water feature running from east to west.

Bringing style to your night garden

Gardens are increasingly becoming a space to use in the evenings when you’re entertaining friends, or simply unwinding on a warm evening. A water feature that makes use of LED lighting can be a great way of bringing some chic style into your outdoor space, creating dynamic reflections and adding pleasant background noise to conversations too.

Curb appeal and a sense of life

Water has a way of bringing life into a garden, and running water is a good way of making sure it’s the good kind of life, rather than that of the algae variety. Whether you want to make a pleasant home for some lucky fish, cultivate impressive water plants, or simply create a space that might attract a frog or two, a water feature makes a garden feel alive, and ultimately that means more curb appeal for your property too.

So there you have it. If you’ve got the space and the free time, there’s really no excuse not to get stuck into this rewarding new project, and bring your garden to life for spring.