Is your home in need of a facelift? Time to call a contractor, right? Not necessarily. There are many great ways to upgrade your home that you can do yourself! Here are a few easy DIY fixes to help your house feel more like home sweet home.

Replace Light Switch and Outlet Faceplates

Have you ever walked into an older home and noticed right away that the outlet and light switch faceplates are looking a little on the yellow side? If that’s the case, count up how many faceplates you have and take a trip to your local hardware store. You can buy faceplates in a variety of colors and styles, and they don’t cost much.

Fix Your Broken Vertical Blinds

Making sure your windows are covered can help give you peace of mind and privacy. There are many options for covering your windows, but one of the most popular is vertical blinds. Blinds are some of the most convenient window coverings and can look great. More than likely, you probably already have these in your house, but are they all in working order? Sometimes over the years, vertical blinds can break and sit in disrepair simply because people don’t know how to fix them. Using broken blinds is awful. So, learn how to fix vertical blinds, and get them taken care of for an easy home fix.

Give Your Yard a Facelift

Your front yard gives the first impression of your home and is sometimes the only part of your home that people see. Step outside and stand on your sidewalk. Make sure to take note of what stands out to you, good or bad.


If there are parts of your yard that need extra care, go to your local nursery and ask for suggestions. Local nurseries have great ideas since they understand your soil type and climate. Take out plants that look unsightly and plant some new ones.


If your porch needs some TLC, be sure to keep in mind that it should be clutter-free and welcoming. Be sure to also keep stepping out to your sidewalk and looking at the “whole picture” to make sure everything flows together.

Repaint Your Front Door

Another great front yard fix is repainting your front door. Start off by looking at the color of your house and even your plants. Take some time to think about what colors go well together, and maybe even look at a color wheel. Once you’ve decided on your color, take a trip to your local hardware store, and ask about the optimal kind of paint to cover a front door. Sometimes paints have certain purposes, so it’s always best to ask for recommendations so you don’t use the incorrect kind of paint.


No matter if you’re a beginning DIY’er or a seasoned pro, home DIY projects can be very rewarding and can save you money as well as time. Just be sure to do the proper research, and it should be smooth sailing.