Valentine’s Day might be a manufactured holiday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show a little love and appreciation to your partner. Don’t waste your time with chocolate and flowers, though. Leave that to the amateurs.

Instead, consider one of these practical gifts that will have your significant other thinking of — and thanking — you every single day.

Comfy Slippers

Your loved one works hard and deserves to unwind and rest at the end of a long day. Show them your appreciation with a pair of warm, comfortable and irresistibly soft slippers.

You’ll want to find a pair that’s warm and long-lasting. L.L. Bean makes pairs for men and women that are made with premium sheepskin that insulate your feet and wick moisture away. The slippers have unmatched arch support and durable traction on the bottom, so they’re practical, comfortable and, let’s just say it, cute.

Lessons From a Pro

Offer your partner a gift that benefits you both: A cooking class from a leading expert in the cuisine world. Masterclass offers lessons from Wolfgang Puck, Gordon Ramsey and more that you and your loved one can take together. You’ll both benefit from the lessons and will enjoy the benefits long afterwards.

A Key Locator

For the forgetful — but loveable — person in your life, give the gift of confidence. This key locator is the only rechargeable key finder on the market. The user just clicks the locator to instantly save their parking location so they never get lost in a parking lot again.

And that’s not all it does: The Nonda Car Locator Key Finder can ring a phone that’s on silent, control a phone camera, and more. Plus, it’s small, sleek and it can last up to 45 days before it needs to be charged again. Consider the long term investment of a key finder. Not only will you and your partner save time searching for your belongings, but you’ll also save money.

A NOOK GlowLight Plus

Everyone loves a good book, but those best-selling harcovers can get heavy and expensive. An e-reader like the NOOK Glowlight Plus can help consolidate that literature into a small, easy-to-carry tablet.

A gift like this will ensure your partner continues reading, just in a more comfortable, affordable and compact fashion.

The Perfect Multi-Tool

How often have you thought, “Wow, I wish I had a ________ on me right now.” Chances are, your loved one has also had that thought. The simple solution to this quandary is to give your partner every single tool so they can be prepared for anything.

Obviously, that’s unrealistic. There’s no way carrying a corkscrew in your pocket is comfortable. Give the next best thing by gifting your love the perfect multi-tool. The Wingman comes with 14 tools, including a knife, pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, scissors, a nail file, bottle and can openers, and more. It’s compact, lightweight and easily clips to a pocket or slips into a purse.