Buying a house is a turning point in your life. And for this, you need to do a lot of thinking and researching, We know the struggles -budgeting, finding a good property, getting loans. To help you with this, here are six things you need to consider when shopping for your new home.

1.Type of home

To start house shopping the right way, you need to have a concrete image of your ideal home. Here are types of houses you can choose from:

  • Single- detached
  • Bungalow
  • Townhouse
  • Studio apartment
  • Condominium

Decide what kind of house you need in terms of occupancy. If you have a large family, opt to buy a house that has enough space to accommodate your numbers.

You also need to consider the accessibility of the house to commercial establishments and roads. Don’t bother yourself living in the middle of nowhere when you’re working in the heart of the city. Have the ease of living near the places you need to go.


If you finally have the perfect image of your dream house, it’s time to do the math. Will your budget suffice all the expenses that come along with buying a house? Approach this realistically and only choose the property that you can afford. I know, buying that cool condo unit is tempting. But,remember to know your limit.


Well, not all of us can pay cold cash. Most of the house shopping takes place with the help of mortgage loans. It’s advisable to get a pre-approval for this. You have to know how much percent on down payment you need to pool for a certain property. This way, you can also learn your financing options.

Another cost to keep in mind is a home insurance plan. You need to be sure that in case of natural disaster or fire that all of your investment will not go down in the drain. For smaller incidents, a home warranty may need to be purchased also. Though there are many options out there, the best home warranty company will be one you can afford and can be there for you when accidents happen.


Getting a house requires a steady commitment. If you think you’re not ready to accommodate amortization, reservation fee, downpayment and other expenses, then take a second to re-rethink your actions. Believe me, buying a new house is not as easy like  buying a new bag.


You also need to know how good is your developer. You will make a big investment in getting a new home. The wisest  thing to get the best deal is to find a developer with experience and reputable background. Look for companies that are really known to build long-lasting properties. It might cost more money but quality homes don’t really come cheap.

6.Home inspection

You ’re already in the point you’re visiting the site of potential houses. Before signing on any fine print, you need to look beyond the paint. Know the real status of the property. Learn early if there are foundation problems, pest issue and other complications. This is where home inspections enters the scene. This is vital in property investment. It will tell you if one is worth buying for.