Are your energy, cable, and water bills getting out of control? Or are you just looking for ways to cut back in general? Either way, there are a lot of different ways to go about reducing household costs. While it is common to first look for deals and discounts, there is also the option of investing in appliances or devices that will help you save more in time. Let’s talk about eight of those options.

1.  Energy Efficient Lighting

If you’re utilizing incandescent lighting in your home you could be throwing away a lot of money. As older lighting options require a lot of energy and also emit a great deal of heat, they cause your energy bill to increase. Energy efficient options like LED or CFL lighting, on the other hand, can save you as much as $40 per month on energy costs.

2.  Water Conservation Devices

According to the United States Geological Survey, the average household uses about 80 to 100 gallons of water per day. If you can cut back the amount of water being consumed in the home on the daily basis, you can reduce your water bill. Water conservation devices assist you in doing just that. They are devices that can be placed on the shower head, toilet, or faucet to minimize the amount of water that is being used. Timed showers, less water during each flush, and so on will certainly bring those numbers down.

3.  Satellite Dish

If your cable and internet bill are in excess of $100 a month it’s time to make a change. Satellite television providers offer competitive prices that include internet service for less than $70 a month. Satellite television is often an affordable alternative to cable as you can receive the same channel lineup along with internet service for a reasonable rate. Click here to learn more about packages and the benefits of making the switch.

4.  Energy Efficient Appliances

Do you have an old refrigerator, washer, dryer, or dishwasher? If so, you could be wasting a lot of money with every use. According to, those appliances account for about 13% of your energy costs. The older an appliance gets, the less efficient it becomes. This essentially means that it takes more energy to function properly. To remedy the problem, investing in upgraded appliances is best.

5.  Programmable Thermostat

If you have an old thermostat in your home it may be time for an upgrade. Programmable thermostats allow you to easily control the temperature of the home. You can set the temperature a bit higher when you’re going to be home and decrease the temperature when you’re away so that you’re not wasting energy. Newer thermostats even keep track of temperature trends for you and control themselves so that you don’t have to.

6.  Insulation

Do you find that there is a constant draft in your home? It could be a result of old insulation. Insulation is essentially what helps to regulate temperatures and keep drafts out. Installing insulation in locations like the attic and basement will help to keep the household temperature more comfortable. When the home is more efficient, there is less need to crank up the AC or heat, which saves you money.

7.  Weather Stripping

If you notice beams of light coming from the frame of your windows and doors you may need to do a little weatherizing. Weather stripping is a thick, foam-like material with adhesive that can be installed around the frame of windows and doors. This, like insulation, helps to keep temperatures at a more comfortable level and minimizes the amount of air being released from the home (or getting into the home).

8.  Windows and Doors

If you really have the money to spend and want to reap the best savings then investing in new windows and doors may be necessary. If your windows and doors are old, damaged, or just not as efficient anymore it could be costing you money. The great thing about investing in things like this is that the government tends to cut you a break as well so you may receive a credit on your income tax return as well.

Sometimes you have to spend a little money to save a lot. By investing in devices or appliances such as those discussed above you can look to save hundreds of dollars per year. As you look into the particular devices, appliances, or services to invest in, be sure to do a comparison search to ensure that you’re getting the best deal on your investment.