Finding the right bath panels can be an overwhelming task unless you have the right guidance and help. Excellent websites of suppliers feature a step-by-step approach that assists you with various decisions that you make as you progress toward the bath panel that you need. A reputable supplier will also have contact information so you can phone them; some even have live chat services so that you can ask questions as they arise during your selection process. Using the guidelines below, you will be able to find the right bath panel for your bath.


  1. Let’s assume that you want to purchase Carron bath panels which are high quality panels that add the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom design. You should first select what type of bath these panels will be suited for. Will you need them for a straight bath, a bath that also has a shower, or a corner bath? Knowing the type of bath that you are buying will be the first step in choosing your panels.

  2. Next, you will address the type of bath panel that you want. Will you be choosing the front bath panel, the end panel or both? This step comes immediately before the length of panel that you need to be sure to coordinate your choices and contact the supplier by live chat if you have questions or concerns as you make your selections. Before you begin the ordering process keep in mind that you should have measured the space that you have in your bathroom for your new bath. If you are completely changing styles from a traditional style to a freestanding model, you may have to do some preparation before your new bath is installed.

  3. The next step will be to choose the material that you want your bath panels to be made from. Do you prefer Carronite or do you want to sue UPVC plastic panels? If you’re going for durability and style, the Carronite panel will be an ideal solution for you.

  4. Finally, you will choose a price that goes along with the budget that you have set. It’s always a good idea to ask about any promotional offers that are being extended to customers, any financing that is available, or any free delivery options. An excellent price is wonderful if the supplier has the panels that you need in stock; great prices are not very important if the panels have to be ordered and a delivery or shipping charge is added to your total bill. Always try to find a supplier that can help to save you money with some of the special offers that they extend to customers like you. Also of great importance is the warranty that comes with the panels and how you will return them if a mistake has been made in your order. Will the supplier come and collect them or will you have to transport them back yourself? These are all important facts to consider when shopping for the right bath panels for your new bath.

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