Everyone conducts an occasional wardrobe purge but that only goes so far. And you may not have the space to add a lot of shelves and storage bins. However, there may be a solution: the perfect wardrobe. Here are a few tips on creating the ideal wardrobe for your apartment.


Go Up


Very few people stop and look up when they’re short on storage space, but chances are there’s a shelf over your closet’s hanging bars that currently holds a few hats or boxes crammed with stuff you’ll never use again. So the first solution is to take everything down and get rid of what you no longer need. With that done, you have space for open multi-level shelves or stacking storage boxes to organize shoes, hats and seasonal clothes. What happens if you have a stand-alone wooden wardrobe? Just put storage boxes and baskets on top of it.


Look Down


Most of us have rows of shoes on the bottom of our closets or else we stack them on top of each other. There are, however, much better storage options. Two and three level storage shelves with cubbies are ideal. And if you have a freestanding wardrobe rather than a built-in unit, put items under it.


Maximize the Space You Have


Built-in wardrobes are a great way to get the storage space you want. Custom wardrobes will fit into your closet space and give you far more drawers, shelves and specialized storage compartments than a standard closet’s shelves and racks. You could use Galleria jewelry trays and glass shelving to display precious items. You could take things even further by hanging a second clothes rod from the first, allowing you to fit two levels of shirts and folded trousers.


Don’t Forget the Door


One space we tend to forget about is the back of the closet door. This is a great place to hang a storage net with pockets for all sorts of little items. Another option is hanging a tie or scarf rack. Then you can store dozens of scarves and ties without using the overcrowded hanging bars. You can also put your full length mirror on the closet door so you can use that section of wall for storage. Or put the mirror on the side of the closet door facing the bedroom. This allows you to model clothes and maximize interior light. It also frees up the interior door surface for storage racks.