You just get a new apartment or get bored with your old one? Want to make some changes but there is not a lot of space to work with? Then there is some piece of advice to make your apartment look fresh and visually bigger.

First of all – the colour. It is a big deal to make your room look bigger. The best choice is to pick light colours like yellow, champagne or egg latch. Bright colours give more space, so if you want to bring some colours, then it is better to get colourful accessories, like chairs, paintings or plants. If the apartment has low ceilings then you should use vertical stripes wallpaper that makes room taller. If you want to make the apartment look wider, then you should pick a horizontal stripes wallpapers. While deciding what furniture to get, it is important to remember, that one furniture can do multiple functions, for example, a tall bed which contains secret space for bedding can stand for chest of drawers or sofa with function to become a bed can stand for an unnecessary guest bed. For a kitchen or dining room, a good choice is to pick a table which can fold from a mini table for one or two people, to a big table which could fit all friends. For people who are not ready for reconstruction works or big expenses, but still want to bring some charisma in the apartment, should visit online blinds website. Here people can find any design blinds to cover from daylight and also bring some colours. Even for the pickiest persons, there is a possibility to create a design on your own, you just need to upload photo and specialists will make blinds for you.

So, if you are living in a small apartment there are a bunch of pieces of advice to make the room look bigger, starting from wall colours and finish to furniture choice.