Doesn’t the thought of getting new clothes excite you? If it does then you will understand how your house would feel with new exterior siding. Once in a while, it’s important to improve and upgrade the very mecca of your existence – your home. Exterior sidings are akin to getting new clothes for the house. Sidings change the entire look and feel of your property. They go a long way in making a statement for your house. Now just like it’s never easy shopping for new clothes, buying the right siding for your house can also be quite a cumbersome task. Knowledge of what is available and how well suited it is for your purpose is the key to a successful makeover.




Exterior siding comes in various forms and styles. James Hardie siding is one of the popular brands which is known for its durability. These long term investments and a major home improvement task so it’s important to choose carefully by factoring in all the parameters that help in deciding the best match for your requirements. Some of the parameters that top the list should include cost obviously – it’s quite a dampener when you can’t afford what you like. The second parameter should be maintenance. Are you the kind who will put up a new siding and forget about it for good? Would you be willing to take up repairs when required? Ask yourself these questions so that you can make an informed decision. Durability is the third parameter that lets you decided, depending on your geographic location, weather and other factors, which would be the best suited siding for you.

Spoilt for Choice


Stucco is a material that meshes well with other elements and can look great on a retrofit job. Its low maintenance but requires a lot of prep work before being applied. Vinyl is lightweight and works great if you are installing it over something else. Unfortunately, the 12 feet long panels show up seams which some won’t like. Wood is another option that is a hot favorite amongst some as it exudes a feeling of warmth and coziness. It can be shaped into whatever requirements you have but maintenance is heavy. Cement fiber seems like the favored option for many as it sits pretty on your house with over 30 years of warranty on average. Because of its weight, what you might save on the cost of the product, you might end up spending on getting it installed. Engineered wood sidings have not been around in the market long enough to comment on longevity but the newer ones are better than the older ones and keep moisture at bay. If you want the castle look on your abode and don’t have the money for it synthetic stone might be useful. Many however still feel it does not look like the original and is quite expensive compared to other options.

All this sounds easy when the choices are limited. Exterior siding however, is a different ball game altogether. It has numerous options to choose from. So put your thinking caps on and buy your house a new siding from.



Quick Comparison Guide

Siding Type

What Works

What Doesn’t



Low Maintenance and Resistant to Fire and Insects

Expert supervision and loads of prep work



Low cost, no maintenance

Seams will show, longer panels cost more



Can be done on your own, looks great

Can be expensive depending on quality


Cement Fiber

Fire resistant, termite proof

Expensive installation, very heavy


Engineered Wood

Termite resistant, half the cost of real wood

Moisture problems, no long term report card


Synthetic Stone

Fire and insect resistant, cheap alternative to real stone

Still more expensive than other options




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