Making your bed—it’s probably something you don’t do every morning. But when you have a beautifully decorated bed, you might just wake up a couple of minutes early so you have time to make it before you jet off to work or school.

So, how exactly do you decorate your bed? Follow our visual inspiration and tips for how to decorate your bed. No matter your personal style, we can help you have a bed worth making.

For the classic chamber…


You can’t get more traditional than all-white bedding. It’s simple, and it looks clean and crisp year-round (even when the rest of your room may not). From the bed sheets to the down comforter and pillow shams, this will add light and a more open feeling to your minimalistic room. If you like the look of white, but don’t want to feel too Plain Jane, add textures. Arrange two or four embroidered decorative pillows and lay a linen throw with tassels over the edge of your bed.

White bedding is also great if you ever want to add in any color. You can easily swap out pillow shams and throws in just about any color you want depending on the season or as your mood changes.

For the contemporary cot…

Contemporary isn’t cold and uninviting. It’s actually quite the opposite when you do it right. By incorporating neutral colors and comfortable textures with your reclaimed wood bed, a contemporary bed is warm and inviting to all. Whether in your master or guest bedroom, your contemporary bed can be dressed to impress with a monochromatic color scheme. Start with a single base hue, like a dark blue or neutral beige, and you can easily spruce up your contemporary bed with minimal effort.


Think cool percale sheets with a linen or cotton modern duvet cover—and bonus points if it’s made using sustainable materials. Keep clean lines with three square throw pillows of different sizes and simple textures or patterns in your chosen color design. The finishing touch? Add warmth and glam by draping a soft natural linen throw in complimentary patterns and colors across the corner of your bed. All together now, your bed has the perfect combination of sleek style sans the clutter.

For the lively bunk…

Looking to make your bed the focal point of your room? Then, it’s time to be inventive and blend the color schemes, textures, patterns, and shapes.


Start with your duvet cover. Find one that incorporates a few vibrant colors and/or a bold pattern. Next, choose from one of those colors for your sheets and pillows. Then, throw together a handful of different shapes, sizes, and prints of decorative pillows. To the untrained eye, they may look mismatched. But to you, they’ll lay on your bed in perfect harmony. Last, add a bed canopy—and make it a real statement piece, like a tall, metal four-post canopy bed with two colorful bed scarfs draped over each end.