Cockroaches are a nightmare. Crawling all over the kitchen and bathroom. Not only do they look disgusting, but they can have a series of negative effects over your family’s health and lifestyle. Keeping cockroaches away from your home is a difficult job, as often the more you try to get rid of them, the more they seem to multiply.

Keep Your House Clean

There are various opinions about how to banish roaches, but all experts agree on the same thing: a clean house is not a bug’s favorite place to live in. Cockroaches infest your home looking for food, so you should avoid leaving any in open areas, or dirty dishes in the sink. Be as cautious as you can. Wipe floors to remove all crumbs and clean the sticky spots.

Garbage bins are a good food source for roaches, so remove all the leftovers and seal them, emptying the trash daily to keep pests away from your kitchen. If you keep food in the basement, store it in covered containers that don’t attract insects. Make sure you have no water leaks. Roaches can’t live without water, so they’ll move on in search of a friendlier environment.

Seal All Possible Gaps

Cockroaches hide in cracks in the walls, in the floor and even in the door. Cover them all, outside and inside the house, to limit their access. Check all the kitchen cabinets and fill all possible gaps to prevent them from building new homes. Pay attention to all openings, both in the bathroom and the kitchen. Roaches like resting in dark places, especially around pipes, where it is warm enough for them.

Extreme Situations Require Professional Help

If none of these solutions don’t work, then you’ll need to call in professional help. Pest Control Long Island has plenty of experience in dealing with roaches and know exactly how to handle the problem without putting you or your family in danger. Remember that pesticides and strong sprays can be harmful, so it’s wiser to leave this type of measure to experts.

Chemical control over cockroaches is difficult, as they become resistant to various compounds fast. They’re already immune to a wide range of pesticides, because of the common use against them.

Use Some Natural Enemies

If you’re not ready to spread toxic chemicals around your home, try some natural tricks before you call the exterminator Long Island crew. Try putting catnip in small bags and place it around the infested areas, or make some catnip tea to spray over the places you see cockroaches, as the smell makes them want to leave the area. You can also try a solution made up of half water and half Listerine, or strong substances that cockroaches hate, such as garlic and red pepper.

No matter what option you take, remember to clean periodically and cover all gaps to prevent them from coming back. If you have neighbors, try to ask them to also keep their houses cockroaches free, otherwise they will continue to spread to avoid overcrowding and you’ll find yourself back to square one.