There a couple of ways you could approach this. On one hand you could calculate the actual costs:

  • Purchase cost

  • Installation cost

  • Operational costs

And then weigh these up against the benefits of having a steam shower:

  • Improved health

  • Feel-good factors

  • Better sleep

However, this is quite challenging as the benefits, while being tangible, are almost impossible to assign a monetary value to.

So, instead here’s an alternative argument to decide whether having your own steam shower at home is worth the cost involved.

First of all, if you’re planning on upgrading your bathroom and want to replace or add a shower – it makes sense to opt for the best you can afford – as in most cases a bathroom upgrade or remodel is not something you do on a frequent basis.

Just as if you were replacing your kitchen oven or big screen TV, most people would lean towards getting the latest and feature-packed model, within their budget – the most for the money you’re willing to spend.

Value for money

Typically, a shower is something you use every day. So you get continuous benefits from it for a prolonged period of time. Second, showers don’t become obsolete quickly, so while it may not be for life, you’ll certainly get your money’s worth from it before you have to think about replacing it – if ever. Third, just as there was a time when the standard kitchen didn’t have a microwave oven – or cars didn’t have airbags – these things gradually became standard, and now everybody has, and expects, them.

Steam showers may not be in everyone’s home right now, but you can bet that within the next couple of years the presence of, or lack of, a steam shower will be on people’s list of deal breakers when shopping for a home.

Can you put a cost on health?

Anyone who has left the hair salon looking and feeling better than when they went in will identify with that ‘feel good’ factor. Can you put a price on it? Would it be worth paying even more for? Having your very own steam shower gives you that same feeling – but it can be every day.

What about the cost?

Okay, so steam shower cabins or cubicles run from around £700 – £1,700 depending on the exact brand, model, and features chosen. You’d be hard pushed to spend more without needing to include some off the wall one-off customization.

So, if you take an average purchase cost as being around £1,200 and divide that by 365 days of the year, the cost is around £3.00 per day for the first year, and after that the purchase cost is covered. You then have many years of steam showering pleasure ahead. Is being healthier and feeling great every day worth it now?