We all want to do our best at helping the environment. Whether you are a proponent of global warming or not, we can all agree we have to do a better job at keeping our planet clean and healthy. Do you want to leave a world behind for your children and grandchildren that is littered with trash? The oceans are becoming frighteningly overcome with plastic waste. We are slowly killing ourselves. This is why you have to recycle everything that you can. Listed below are a few items that you can recycle that perhaps you had no idea you could.



Most people try to get rid of their old mattress by putting it out by their garbage and hoping the trash man will pick it up. They just cross their fingers and hope because mattresses are difficult to move and handle. They aren’t the easiest thing to dispose of. If the garbage truck does not pick it up, what are you left to do with it? Before you throw it out next to your garbage cans with a silent prayer, you can actually recycle your mattress. Recycling factories have special saws that can separate the mattress into metal, wood, cloth, and foam. You can feel much better about yourself by recycling all of this material rather than it cluttering up an already packed landfill.



Once your television set stops working, it can be tough figuring out what to do with it. Large electronic items are often not picked up by the trash collector. Instead of storing down broken electronic equipment in that spare room in your basement, find a recycling centre that accepts all electronics. In fact, you can easily recycle electronics in Montreal without any problems at all. Plus, you will get that extra space back in your house!


Porcelain Toilets and Sinks

When completing home renovations, some of the first items that get thrown out in the dumpster are the old porcelain toilets and sinks. They usually shatter in the dumpster into a million pieces once they are heaved in there. However, those pieces can be used for sidewalks and roads. Recycling centres will crush them down to dust if need be and the material can be put to use. Rather than depositing these fixtures into your local dump, feel good about yourself and bring them to a place that recycles them.