No matter the occasion, be it Christmas time, a birthday celebration or just a simple case of the man flu, your husband is probably waiting in anticipation for a gift and if you don’t deliver, he will most likely pine away for the remainder of the year, well, that’s if you’re lucky! If you’re not, it could be an entire year before he forgives you and that means lots of chocolates which never sits well on a woman’s hips – how else can you cope?!

Thankfully, a team of dedicated wives or should we say; ‘specialists’, have composed a list of the perfect gifts to get the man in your life.

DIY Projects

We know all men like to build or create something from scratch, but save your better half the embarrassment or the lifelong promise that he will build a bookshelf or create a new addition to add to his ‘Bat Cave’.  Instead, get him an affordable piece of furniture that he can build himself from the online DIY section. Allow the man to be proud of his creation, adding an element of accomplishment – we promise he’ll be happy for days!

Cleaning Products

No, it’s no joke, men will never admit it, but if you buy the best online cleaning products for their most prized possession, “Eleanor”, they would probably be as happy as you are with five minutes of peace. Yes, Eleanor is a ladies name, but one made of metal and an engine under her hood. Your husband will probably think he is reliving ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ and truth be told, he probably treats his baby as a Nicholas Cage did.

Sentimental Pieces

If your loving husband is a father, a great online gift idea is something that is personalized. It could be a pocket knife, a chain with a pendant displaying a sentimental feeling or something as simple as a gift card voucher. But if he isn’t a daddy yet, simply get him something made of leather inscribed with his initials – trust us, men love leather and cigars!

Luckily, the internet is on your side so online shopping isn’t all that drab, plus you get to check out some lovely pieces for yourself as well! Shop like a pro and both you and your man will be happy at the end of any occasion – guarenteed!