If you are planning a move in the near future, whether it is your home or your business, it’s important to do some research ahead of time and find out the best approach to take so that your move is organized and not stressful.  More often than not these days, individuals and businesses are deciding to hire a professional moving service to help them plan and execute their move.  Everyone is busy and taking the time to put together a move that is organized is not something most people can do. Good moving companies offer the traditional services that you might think of as well as all sorts of additional moving options that are designed to help you be organized and to make your move as convenient for you as possible.

Before you get into looking at options you need to decide on which mover to hire. With so many commercial moving companies on the market, each one claiming to be the best, it can be hard to decide which service offers the legitimate expertise that a customer needs. This part of the process shouldn’t be difficult; ask for referrals from friends and family for movers they have used and are satisfied with.  Even strangers can be helpful with this; if you read through some customer satisfaction forums and blogs you will quickly get a good idea of which movers offer excellent customer service and value.

Each person’s moving needs are going to be different so the extras that moving companies offer may or may not suit everyone’s needs.  For instance a common option that is offered is a packing service; this is something that not everyone would want to take advantage of.  You can arrange to have your entire home packed by movers or just one or two rooms, or you can just have them supply you with packing supplies like boxes, tape, labels and packing material if you prefer to do the packing on your own. In the GTA area you can visit the Rent-a-Son website for up to date and easy to find information on packing services and all other moving options.




Temporary storage space is often a feature that is attractive to those involved in a move, especially if it is a business that is moving.  Often renovations need to be done at the new location and those are much easier to complete if the space is not full of furniture and files.  A professional moving company should offer you a storage solution for your items, whether that means they take the possessions away and store them for you or they may also bring a container to your property, have you fill it and then take it to a storage location until you need it. Sometimes climate controlled storage is necessary if the items are very valuable and/or are sensitive to heat, cold and moisture.  Musical instruments, electronics, artwork and some appliances are all examples of belongings that require climate control. Whatever your storage needs may be, a good mover will be flexible to your needs and should be able to come up with a solution that fits.

Some features that are not extras but may also not be offered by some movers are free initial consultation, a firm price quote, top notch and accessible customer service and trained movers.  If you are considering hiring a company that does not automatically offer all of these things then you should look elsewhere.  In today’s competitive market there is no need to settle for a service that is less than you deserve.  Begin your planning process well ahead of your move, do some solid research and know your needs.  If you prepare yourself accordingly you won’t have any trouble hiring the right movers for you and enjoying a smooth moving day.

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