There are countless of unexpected surprises that can happen at your home on any given day—and not all of them are good. You never expect to experience a burglary, fire, flood, carbon monoxide leak or medical emergency; but they are more common than you’d expect. It is essential to equip your home with a home monitoring system that meets your individual security needs.

With all that said and done, it’s oftentimes difficult to feel on top of your home’s security with today’s hectic, on-the-go lifestyles. As you go about your daily schedule, you have no grasp of what’s occurring both inside and outside your home. Rather than worrying about all the ‘what if’ scenarios, the solution to practical home protection rests in smart home security.

Remote Security

Regardless of your own physical location, a smart home security system can help keep you in the know—whether you are at home or while you are on the go. Now homeowners & renters can check and monitor their systems via compatible smartphones, tablets and computers. All that’s needed is a Wi-Fi Internet connection to see the alarm status, control a number of home automation features, receive custom alerts/notifications, and more.

Home Automation Features

Home automation makes life less complicated. It puts a number of instant features right in the palm of your hands; letting you spend more time doing the things you actually love and enjoy. So what home automation features can you expect to find with a smart home security system?:

  • Lighting, Appliance and Thermostat Control: Be able to remotely turn lights & appliances on/off and adjust the thermostat with the simple press of a button. Not only will these come in handy anytime you question whether you’ve turned the lights off or lowered the thermostat before you left; it’ll help you save money on your utility bills.

  • Lock/Unlock Doors: Remote door management might just give you peace of mind anytime you leave the house or are too comfy to get up from your bed or favorite chair. It means no more fretting about door accidently staying unlocked—since you can do something about it instantly.

Custom Notifications and Security Alerts

It’s annoying to get too many emails and notifications—and it’s quite dangerous for it to happen when it concerns a home security system. Many smart home security systems allow users to setup custom notifications and security alerts. It alleviates the headache of getting too many unnecessary updates. A quick adjustment to the settings menu will allow you to select what types of messages you’ll see—like when someone arrives to your home or if the fire alarm goes off.

Video Surveillance

A picture is worth a thousand words; especially when it comes to home security. Video surveillance is icing on the cake in the smart home security sector. Nothing beats being able to pull out your mobile device and being able to watch live and recorded video of your home. It’s reassuring to know what’s happening within seconds. And if anything were to ever happen, it would instantly be captured on video.

A smart home security system provides the ultimate confidence and reassurance in your home’s safety. Be thousands of miles from home or be simply across town—security means more when you are in control.