There are many different companies out there that have an in-house janitorial staff. Other companies will just hire a commercial cleaning company to get the job done right. There are even some firms that use a mixture of these two services. Choosing your provider or whether or not you want to have an in-house cleaning staff is something that is highly subjective. However, it is important to understand what you receive when you work with the commercial cleaning company since we noticed that most business managers have no idea.

Commercial Cleaning CompanyThe commercial cleaning firms will perform many different tasks. When you contact them, a representative will be sent to your office. He/she will sit down with you and talk about the needs that you need at the moment. You can also ask questions about the cleaning services that are offered. Based on this meeting, the eventual jobs that are to be done are discussed and arranged. The manager gets to know exactly what work will be done and the service provider understands exactly what tools and products will be necessary based on the cleaning necessities that appear.

Based on many different factors, a professional cleaning company can do one or any combination of the tasks that we are about to mention. Make sure that you talk to the best firms like so that you can gain access to a highly customized commercial cleaning package that is perfect for your needs.

Some of the possible tasks in commercial cleaning are:

  • Emptying all the waste receptacles outside and inside the office building
  • Removing trash from the building’s exterior and interior sections
  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Sweeping debris from parking lots
  • Cleaning windows – both exterior and interior
  • Washing the surface of the parking lots – usually with high pressure cleaners or water hoses
  • Dusting every single interior building area
  • Shaking and sweeping floor mats and rugs
  • Cleaning the window blinds – removing dressings to check for debris and dirt
  • Sweeping and mopping interior floors
  • Re-stocking – this includes all supplies that may be present in break areas or bathrooms
  • Cleaning all the toilets and sinks
  • Waxing and/or polishing when necessary
  • Cleaning the computer screens
  • Cleaning out grout when it is present
  • Changing the light bulbs
  • Dusting the artificial plants
  • Watering the live plants

The bottom line is that professional cleaning companies will make sure that they can handle any single task that is necessary for the client. The firms can arrange various possible cleaning schedules. They can come and clean every single day or simply come once a month. This choice is usually made by the client but it is a good idea to listen to the recommendations of the specialist since he might realize your needs better than you.

While in-house departments are usually enough when the office is small, as commercial space grows, there is a huge possibility that a professional cleaning contract will need to be signed.