Insurance is something we all need in today’s society. Most of us probably get all of our insurance needs met by a local agent in our town. It is likely that you have known the person for years and are good friends with them. Perhaps this is why you chose them to be your insurance agent in the first place. After all, a friend wouldn’t do you wrong. Right?


Who to Choose?

While the convenience of having your insurance located in the same town can’t be denied, does it mean that you should be paying higher premiums for the same coverage that you can likely get less elsewhere? Insurance is insurance whether their offices are located a block away from where you live or is located in another state entirely.



There are thousands of insurance agents out there that can help you find suitable coverage for home, health, and auto. Doing a quick search online will probably provide you with dozens of agents living close to you. But maybe an insurance agent is not the way to go. You could be much better off contacting an insurance broker instead.


Why an Insurance Broker?

Insurance agents are people that work for one company. They are out there promoting their company’s insurance policies only. An insurance agent may tell you that the insurance premium is the best that they can offer at this price, but they are only representing their company. They have a limited amount to choose from. It’s like going to a local pizza place and them telling you this is the best pizza you will ever find… in this building.


An insurance broker acts in an entirely different way. They don’t work with just one agency, but multiple agencies. They act in your behalf to find you the lowest insurance premiums possible for the policy you want. The benefit of going with an insurance broker is that they are not only able to pitch one company’s policies, but several agencies. This will help ensure that you are receiving your insurance at the lowest price possible.


There are insurance brokers located all over the globe. If you need to ask an insurance broker in Montreal a couple questions, they are merely a click away. Whether you are in Canada or anywhere else in the world, you will be able to find an insurance broker to meet your needs.