When we’re teenagers or young adults, many of us want to live in the city, be close to their friends, party, etc. But at some point, the desire to build a family is bigger than the desire to go out. When you have a job that you like, you’re in a stable relationship and you’re financially ready to have kids, you may want to move outside of the big city to raise your children in a quiet and more familial neighborhood. Your needs change and so are your priorities. This is one of the main reasons that motivates people to live in the suburbs. You then have to choose which city corresponds the best to your lifestyle. Weirdly, Dorval is not the evident choice, but here are some advantages that could change that.

Better Prices

As it’s not the most popular option, condos for sale in Dorval are great opportunities. They are often cheaper than what you’ll find in the other suburbs. You’ll probably be able to have a more recent home and a bigger backyard than if you chose Longueil, Brossard or Laval, for example. The prices are one of the main reasons to move to the suburbs so Dorval should definitely be considered.

Many Activities

If you’re planning on having kids, you’ll want them to be able to practice sports and cultural activities. You’ll also want these activities to be as close to your house as possible so your life doesn’t look too much like a taxi driver’s. In Dorval, you’ll be able to find indoor pools, gymnasium, a library and a history museum all close to each other. The city also offers the opportunity to purchase family passes to access these activities so they’re more affordable and easy to use.

Close to Montreal

Even if you want to quit the city, you may still work there or possibly want to go back often to keep doing some activities or seeing some friends who still live there. Dorval is only 30 minutes away from downtown. You’ll be able to easily go back as often as possible, bring your kids and benefit from all the activities, shows, restaurants, museums and stores without all the disadvantages of living directly in the city like the constant traffic, the fees, the unsecured neighborhoods, etc. Moving to the suburbs could be the best solution for you if you want to be able to start your family in the best way possible.