If you have decided to buy a house, then you try to do your best. So did you have to think about a rainwater system? This is a very great way to not only save money on water costs, but also make a small contribution to ecology.

So where does that rainwater gather?

Special water tanks and filters are used to collect rainwater. In order to choose the right water capacity for you, you need to consider the following:

  • what is the total roof area of ​​your home – knowing this thing, you will be able to calculate how much water you will be able to store. Most commonly water tanks are used with a capacity of 210 to 500 liters.
  • Finding the right place in the yard – if the water tanks are decorative then you can place them in a visible place in the yard.
  • Find a place where you want to bury the water tank underground – this is the most common case, because you do not want the water tanks to be visible.

As rainwater will accumulate not only in tanks but also in filters, it is important to know that they are classified as: installed in rainwater pipes or installed inside a water tank or near an underground tank. In order to choose the right rainwater filter, you need to consider the overall roof of your home and the diameter of the downpipe. Don’t worry, the water doesn’t freeze during the winter, you just need to turn on the winter mode.

Cleanliness is important!

Cleanliness needs to be maintained not only inside the home but also outside them. Therefore, having a rainwater system requires knowing that it will need to be closely monitored. Various dirt and leaves can accumulate in the rainwater system. Of course, this system has the advantage of being able to filter out dirt from clean water, so you can enjoy clean water all the time. However, rainwater filters should be inspected at least once a year and, if there is already a lot of dirt, removed, as they can impede the flow of water into your home.

What is rainwater used for?

If you have decided ( or are still thinking ) to buy a rainwater system, then you need to know that it is not just used to get water into your home. The rainwater system is used and its advantages:

  • water your gardens and keep green grass in your backyard
  • a drainage system that will keep moisture in your garden at all times
  • money is spent only when the system needs to be installed. You will no longer have to pay for water!
  • is a storage system that constantly protects the water, so you can enjoy it even when there is no rain for a long time!