Why should you buy a diesel generator instead of a gasoline generator or relying on the power grid? Let’s look at a few of the reasons why you should choose to buy a diesel generator. We’ll also share a few of the benefits of diesel generators over gasoline generators.


It Is Cost-Effective


It isn’t practical to connect a construction site to the municipal water, sewer and power grid too soon. It is much cheaper to rely on portable generators to run lights and power tools. A side benefit of having portable generators is that you can run power tools and other items far from power outlets. For example, you could run concrete cutters and blowers well out of reach of plug-in power outlets.


It Is a Better Deal


Diesel generators may have a higher up-front cost compared to gasoline generators, but it is a fair trade-off. Diesel fuel is packs more energy in less space, so you don’t need as much fuel. However, you need to research the fuel efficiency of each potential generator before you buy it.


Note that you can buy diesel generators that are used. This allows you to save significantly off the list price without sacrificing quality, if you buy from a reputable dealer. You may even be able to secure a maintenance agreement or warranty from them.


Don’t worry about where you’ll get diesel fuel. It is almost as readily available as gasoline. Some people complain about diesel fuel being more expensive than gas, but it is comparable when you compare it based on the energy stored in each liter of fuel. But it is definitely easier to find diesel than natural gas, unless your generator is connected to a gas line.


It Can Save You Time

A side benefit of industrial diesel generators is that they may have built-in fuel tanks. You don’t have to keep filling up gasoline cans and refilling your generator. Diesel generators have fewer moving parts, so they need less maintenance. For example, they don’t have spark plugs. You only have to change the oil and air filters out and check for leaks.

It Is Safer


A diesel generator can improve work site safety. Use generators to keep the lights running, even if the power is out. You may be able to safely shut down equipment in a controlled manner, when you have a hour of generator run-time left. You may even be able to finish your current batch of product instead of having everything go to waste.

Diesel generators could let you run heaters or air conditioner. Now your staff are not stuck inside a sweltering or freezing building waiting for the power to come back on. Use generators to run sump pumps so that a massive rain storm can’t flood your basement. Because diesel generators are more reliable and just as serviceable as gasoline generators, they’re more likely to work in an emergency.


Diesel fuel itself is better than gasoline. It is less flammable than gasoline. However, you may still need to add fuel additives to prevent it from freezing in the winter.